My index finger was pricked by a thorn from a key lime tree 4 days ago. The larger the thorn the longer it takes to heal. If it’s itchy, red and swollen, go to the doctor. Also understand that having ... After this "delay period," it then became stiff and swollen. It is swollen and sore. Swelling of the 2nd digit of the right hand following a rose thorn injury to the pulp of the finger tip. She thought it might have been a spider bite, and she posted a picture on social media. In can cause an infection if left in. Geez.... 1 0. Two hours later, it hurts to move my pointer finger in any direction and it is in constant pain and swelling. Comment from: Wbert93, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: June 17. My finger feels a little numb and it hurts really bad. Plant thorn synovitis, also known as plant thorn arthritis, is a rare and commonly overlooked cause of arthritic disease. But if there is bleeding, apply light but steady pressure with a bandage or sterile gauze until it stops. Relevance. it is red swollen and hurts. It doesn't feel like there's anything foreign in there. 31 years experience Family Medicine. i pricked my ring finger on a thorn. Question. I just feel kind of a dull soreness right now if I press on the area. Oh, I had on gloves when I got stuck. Often these infections start out small and are relatively easy to treat but may lead to loss of function, sensation, disfigurement, or even loss of the finger if not treated appropriately. I don't believe there is any of the thorn left in the finger … read more A thorn sunk pretty deep into the side of the middle joint of my index finger. Just a freaky accident. If needed, wear a splint to immobilize your finger. But it is very swollen this evening and I am worried about plant thorn arthritis. By a few hours later the joint was aching quite a bit but I could still use it. Now the inflammation has settled below knuckle and joint on the right middle finger. I took my glove off and could see a small red mark where it had pierced the skin. It was painful, and at first I thought the tip was still imbedded under the skin. In the morning, her hand was swollen and throbbing with pain. It hurt but similar to getting a bad splinter. I had severe swelling and pain for several days. Source(s): Try tweezers. They do not get infected (I have had a recent tetanus) but instead they get inflamed and are painful when touched. It bled a little bit after I pulled the thorn out, but stopped pretty quickly. It is swollen and very painful. I do not believe there are any pieces of the thorn embedded in the skin. The thorn did not go in deep and I pulled it out. See a physician: For exam, can usually remove it in office under most circumstances. Don't think I will be in the yard no time soon. I was in the hospital for days under sedation and on antifungal meds. Avoid exposing your swollen finger to very cold temperature, as it may lead to more swelling. DEAR DR. GOTT: Last spring, I contracted rose-thorn disease. Injury or infection to a finger is a common problem. GO TO THE FREAKIN DOCTOR BEFORE YOUR HAND ROTS OFF!! 1 decade ago. It bled a little and then stopped. Then one morning I woke up and the whole hand and wrist was completely swollen and I couldn't move it and it hurt like hell. I never thought in a million years a thorn could produce this much havoc and pain! The spot were the thorn penetrated stays raised after it closes but I have many that are still raised and painful when pressure is applied and it has been 4 or 5 months. Schwartz DA. A thorn pierced my glove and went into the joint at the base of my index finger. should i see a doctor? Very painful and extreme swelling occurred in just one finger. For example, if you have a finger fracture, that will most likely require a splint, but on occasion will require surgery. The middle finger tip on my left hand (the soft part, not the nail side) stings when touched. The following day there was much pain and swelling and my doctor x-rayed the finger which failed to reveal any sign of a broken thorn inside. Fig. J Rheumatol 1989; 16: 550–3. tried baking powder paste tried onion slice to draw out what else can i do? So, home care for most finger infections is limited. it isnt numb anymore and not sore unless i touch it but the finger is blue. The diagnosis was cellulitis. I am icing it. It only hurts when pressed or touched. I put some Neosporin and a Bandaid on it for a day. it bled slightly and then stopped. I wasn't sure if it was poisonous or not. I was pruning a thorn bush and got stabbed by a thorn. me and my friend are in the woods a lot and encounter a lot of thorns.